Monday, April 30, 2007

New goodies


This past weekend I installed a set of Ohlins shocks onto my ride. On Friday I decided to tackle the rear since that appeared to be the easier one to do. I removed the seat, took a look, and thought ten minutes tops! I loosened the lower bolt, then removed the top one, sweet only 5 minutes in so far. Then I undid the nut for the lower shock, went to slide out the bolt, clank! It hits on the resonator for my exhaust! Ah! I did not want to remove the exhaust. So after wasting 15 minutes trying to figure out a way NOT to remove the exhaust, I removed the exhaust. The install was very easy from there. While doing this I decided to install the 365mm torque arm at the same time. That only took about five minutes. Then I had the arduous task of lining up that exhaust and getting everything just so. "Okay all in good, and I tighten the bolts with my T-handle allen wrench. Hmmm, doesn't seem tight enough, let me just tighten it a little more with the socket, there we go, *SNAP*!!! DOH! I broke the exhaust stud! AH!" I did not want to remove that exhaust again. So I got the idea to remove the header in that side instead. Turns out I only had to loosen it and I had access to the broken bolt. It turns out a small sliver was sticking out and I was able to rotate out the broken bolt with a screw driver. Talk about lucky!
Then on Sunday I decided to do the front. I figured this one would take me much longer. You know what? It really did take just ten minutes. It went so well I decided to install my front braided stainless steel brake line hoses. They went on very quickly, however bleeding them took forever. It was a good 30 minutes I bet. I managed to get everything all buttoned up though.
So I put the plastics on, gave the bike a wash, and polished it up a bit.
Today, Monday, I took it out for a ride. I can't believe the difference. I haven't really even set up the sag or anything. The ride is like a caddy! I was looking for bumps to hit when I used to always try avoiding them. I also can't believe the difference that torque arm makes on the turn in. Its much quicker. I will have to do something about the center stand though as I have to put a 2x4 underneath it to get the rear wheel up in the air. I will also have to get the side stand from the Boxer Cup or weld an extension on mine.

The rear shock and remote preload installed

The front shock installed

This weekend I will be attended the Freeze Yer Nutz off Rally in Jamaica VT. Look for the guy with the Flaming Head and say hello. I will post a report when I return and give a review of my new sleeping bag and sleeping pad in action.