Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Green Mountain Ride

Saturday we went for ride through VT. The plan was to head out toward Bennington VT, then continue on to Wilmington along VT RT9, also know as the Molly Stark Trail. We turned north up RT 100 along the various ski areas passing Mount Snow, Haystack, then turning north on RT30 toward Stratton, and Bromely. We stopped in Jamaica VT for a quick sip of water.
Small grocery store in Jamaica VT on RT30

Our gourmet lunch.

The RT taking a break
The RT taking a break

We set out again for Manchester. I wanted to stop by Orvis to see a pair of boots, however I found out they don't carry the boots in the store. Online only.
The main entrance

The brook trout stream behind Orvis

Lots of fish in there

After leaving Orvis the temps were approaching 95 degrees. We decided to head for home.
It was a great day riding and we rode about 180 miles.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

BMW R1200RT Videos

I just wanted to share a couple RT videos of travel adventures.

The first is an offical BMW video.

The second is a couple touring Scotland.

I hope you enjoy them.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dinosaur BBQ

The RT in front of Dinosaur BBQ

Today we rode out to the Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse for a retirement party of a friend. We took US Route 20, The Great Western Turnpike all the way out. It was great ride. It was great seeing the countryside.

My RT parked out front.
The RT parked out front

Lots of bikes out front.
All the bikes out front

The Buffet is all ready.
The food being servied

My yummy lunch
My lunch at the party.

1 Horsepower
1 Horsepower

A Hot Rod went by
A Hot ROd Chevy going by

Some 'Busas came for lunch too.
THe 'Busas arrive